Foley Restoration is a 2nd generation Kerry based restoration company, with over 30 years experience in furniture restoration and French polishing. Operating from our work shop at Leebrook, Tralee, beside the picturesque Ballyseedy Wood. We offer a wide range of services including both antique and modern furniture repair, re-polishing services both traditional techniques like French polishing and modern lacquer polishing, which is a cheaper alternative for modern furniture.

With modern furniture being mass produced by countries like China more and more people are beginning to appreciate the craftsmanship of our old furniture makers who used only the finest materials, which, with the right care and attention can last hundreds of years longer than any flat packed furniture. They can be re-polished, missing pieces of veneer can be replaced, even whole legs and turnings can be replaced, without affecting the overall look of the piece.

You can also pick up some great bargains at antique stores and auction rooms, which may only need a re-polishing and are far better value than any modern furniture even with the cost of re-polishing added on to the initial price.

In all all years experience we have rarely come across a piece of furniture that is beyond restoration, so why not give us a call to see how we can help you restore that family heirloom.

Foley Restoration
Leebrook, Tralee,
Co. Kerry.
Tel: (066) 7126716
Mobile: (087) 2344626
Restored Drop Dial Wall Clock